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Americans United -- OK Chapter
Atheists and Agnostics of OU
Humanist Association of Tulsa (HAT)
MySpace Oklahoma Atheists Forum
The Norman PLURAL Network


The Secular Web (Internet Infidels)
Council for Secular Humanism
Atheist Alliance International
American Atheists
Godless Americans Political Action Committee

Irreverance / Satire


Red Meat
Landover Baptist
Tom the Dancing Bug

Local Flavor

Galileo Bar & Grill  (we dine here the last Friday of every month @ 7:06 PM and have done so for the last several years. Here is a map to Galileo Bar & Grill. Please check the calendar page for any rare changes of this dinner adventure.)
Hideaway Pizza  (We often dine here the 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 7 PM, but we do occasionally change restaurants. Here is a map to the Oklahoma City Hideaway Pizza restaurant. Please check the calendar page for updated information.)

Visitor Submissions

(Submitted September 30, 1938 by ok2think)
Celebrity Atheists
(Submitted April 3, 1984 by ok2think)
Evil Bible
(Submitted September 30, 2006 by ok2think)
The Infography about Atheism
(Submitted March 3, 2007 by Howard Chesshire)
ShockNet Radio
(Submitted May 8, 2007 by American Heathen)
The Center for Atheism
(Submitted May 30, 2007 by ok2think)
God Blows!
(Submitted June 6, 2007 by AT1)

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